Nfl Classic Football Arcade Game By Namco   Up To 4 Players


Nfl Classic Football Arcade Game By Namco   Up To 4 Players

As you can see from the brochure

"Choose from 32 NFL teams, from the east coast to the west coast and every team in between.  Tons of offensive and defensive plays available.  The software provides a selection of 8 of the best plays for your current situation insuring the best possible play at hand without needing to study dozens of plays.  Your play selection is hidden from the opposition..."  This game is in excellent condition and is great for all ages.  Even the youngest kids enjoy smacking the trackball while adults get a real workout as they try to rush the passer or run up the field.  Unfortunately our basement is getting a makeover so the wife says this must go along with two of my Japanese slot machines that are pretty incredible (you can find them being sold here too).


These machines are pretty rare and it is highly unusual to see two of them up for sale at the same time (the other guy is asking $2895 and probably worth it).  My reserve is set much lower but please be a serious bidder.  You can pick this up if you are in the Minneapolis area or arrange for shipping on your dime if you are out of the area so you can have it for Christmas or the NFL playoffs.


Good Luck!